“Everybody walks past a thousand story ideas every day. The good writers are the ones who see five or six of them. Most people don’t see any.” — Orson Scott

Last year when Covid 19 broke out in full force and everyone was dead worried about it’s rapid spread, some businesses were busy spreading hope.

We tapped into the hope spree and hosted a class on issues bothering writers the most.

They included:

👉How to generate story ideas
👉Mastering plot development
👉Writing Effective flashbacks

Generating story ideas is the one I will be hammering on today.

See the link to free access for the ebook 》

Back to the quote. It’s not common to hear writers or creators rant about lacking ideas.

The debate about ideas is a topic that will never go dry.

Everywhere around the globe, writers are constantly searching for ideas to create stories or pieces that will be appreciated by their audience.

Relatable stories weave from the ability of writers to understand what it entails to weave them.

This can only come from fresh cut ideas that people are already used to.

And where the heck can one find those  ideas?

You too should have been looking for ideas to fuel some projects in your life right now.

How come we lack ideas at some point only to be flooded with them later on.

What happened that turned them off in the first place?

Generating story ideas should be a work over for you as a creative, but is it? Really?

Even the beginning quote rates good writers as the ones that nail 5-6 ideas per day whereas there are a thousand offered to us daily.

Nature has already endowed us, it’s left for us to take them.

Anyway, what I would love to hammer on today that will be beneficial to you when you need to generate ideas for your project will be something you’ve probably overlooked, a system.

And this is what the how to generate story ideas requires from you, that you create a system to help you wield stories.

Sounds familiar?

Oh, what’s all these systems talk about?

Sure! Systems rock!

And they work.

Many experts will attest to this.

Systems tackle inherent issues in a systematic way.

Generating a system can help you identify triggers that carry story potentials.

Some have eyes but cannot see.

To be able to identify ideas each time you encounter one is a skill that can be cultivated when you have a system for generating those ideas.

More about generating these ideas is discussed in easy-to-digest headings in the ebook.

Access yours here 》

Let me know what you think about generating ideas for your projects. Share your thoughts with me by replying to this.

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