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Content creation can be a bit of a puzzle but having sufficient content ideas to create content can be relieving.

Here are channels you can draw ideas to create relevant and authentic content for your audience online:

1. Personal experience
2. Audience experience
3. Community challenges
4. Platforms like Google
5. How to generate story ideas ebook

Personal Experience

You can get content ideas from your own personal experience. E.g include
1. what challenges are you facing trying to grow your business?
2. What do you do to maintain work/life balance
3. What’s your typical day like etc

Once you think of how to share this with your audience, you should also spice it up with lessons learnt so far so your audience can be inspired.

This can form a great deal of your how and why content for your brand. The why content wraps up the reasons behind what you do whereas the how content tackles the process it takes you to get there.

Audience Experience

What is your audience experiencing right now? Are you doing them a service or disservice? What are their dislikes around products in your industry? How about their likes or buying preferences?

Crafting content or stories round these can offer you lots of engagements and leads too.

Your audience will be drawn in when you share more content on issues affecting them. It also reveals that you’re customer-centric and not just self-centric and your content serves as a bridge your audience can cross over to work with you.

Community challenges

What is a major problem facing everyone in the community you are in? How does your product or service come in to help this problem?

It’s no news that community challenges are basically shared interests that affect most members of the community.

And what better way to attract your audience attention than tapping into the worries of the community.

There are certain questions that are frequently asked on the community you belong to.

Take for instance, if you’re in a writing community issues that hover around writers will be more about how to get started with writing? What areas writers should look out for inspiration? Who are the best selling writers to learn from etc

Addressing these community challenges with your content will help you stay on track and create more content on the go.

Platforms like google

Google can help provide you with lots of ideas in your niche too. Others include industry forums like Quora, LinkedIn etc there are so many platforms to take advantage off here and of course.

How to generate ideas ebook

It’s our very own ebook that is loaded with steps to creating your own stories and ideas for content creation.

Grab a free copy here:

What other sources do you use to get your content ideas?

Share with us.

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