Here’s our chit chat with E C Michaels on the web series, Gidi Hustlers.

This happens to be our first script writer’s interview. Interestingly, Michael is also a crew member.

He is the script writer behind the trending web series, Gidi Hustlers. When you get to watch this series, you’ll understand why you have to pay attention to the art of screen writing.

So, stay through, till the end and learn all you have to, about script writing and script writers.

Now, the Interview.

MMM: Kindly Introduce yourself?

MICHAELS: My name is Echezona Celestine Michael, alias, E C Michaels. I am a writer, with many novels and scripts to my name. I am from Anambra state and holds a bachelors degree in Theater Arts from University of Abuja, Abuja. I am the founder of E C Michaels Short Story Prize: an annual writing contest created to encourage upcoming writers.

MMM: Tell us about this web series, Gidi Hustlers.

MICHAELS: Gidi Hustlers is a web series set in a small firm, Talent Groomers Inc. It’s about a troubled CEO who sends his Accountant son to work in this firm to test his manhood and level of responsibility.


But on getting there, he, (the son) finds numerous financial discrepancies and resolves to fix them.


MMM: What does the series addresse?


MICHAELS: Gidi Hustlers addresses the challenges absent CEOs face in their company’s business, how far people in the corporate world are willing to remain in power and cover their evil tracks, And because the firm manages celebrities and artists, it discusses how far celebrities are willing to go, to remain on the spotlight. You have got to see the drama. With each episode comes a different level of thrill. It’s a must watch.



MMM: As the scriptwriter of Gidi Hustlers, what was your favourite part working on the project?

MICHAELS: I cannot specifically say which is my favorite part writing this series. I enjoyed every moment of it. But if I must, that would be when I changed the whole story. I had started, I think I was on the third episode or so when a different idea hit me, which is the current storyline.

I called the director and told him I am changing the story. He didn’t object. He only wants the best, which I do too. So that moment where I got to change the whole story, made me feel very important. Like, this whole thing is in my hand right now, and I can say, fade out and everything ends. It was a proud moment. But I guess writers feel that every time we get to create a story.


MMM: How long did it take you to write the script?


MICHAELS: Oh, that! Two weeks. Two intense and sleepless weeks. I remember telling the director, “two weeks is too sudden. I need more time”. And he said, “Michael I know you can do this. You can”. And I did. And it came out great.


MMM: Which character in the Web Series fascinates you the most and how did you get the inspiration for crafting the character?


MICHAELS: Glory Johnson. She is the chubby receptionist who wants to become a model. It has always been her dream and she is not letting anything stop her, not even her size. As for the inspiration, the director wanted a unique character to spice things up. And since I am an advocate against body shaming, which is the theme of one of my novellas, ‘Accidental Suicide’, I decide to go with the idea of a chubby lady with a modeling dream. Of course, that is totally against the picture we have about models, but I wanted to let chubby ladies to know that size is not enough to stop them in whatever they place their mind on. Glory might have gone about her dreams the wrong way, but you got to do what you got to do, right?


MMM: How do we get to watch the series?

MICHAELS: It is showing on the YouTube channel of OKIKE MEDIA. It airs every Friday. So, you just click on the link attacked on here, subscribe to the channel and you have it, free. You can then go ahead and watch other episodes while waiting for fresh episodes. And also many other mind-blowing series. Here’s the link   

MMM: What other movie scripts are you working on?

MICHAELS: Currently I am working on many projects, but because of the DND, I cannot mention the titles or discuss the stories. But I assure you, I have more thrilling stories coming your way.

And yes, Gidi Hustlers has been renewed for the second season, so I am currently working on that too.


MMM: What’s your advice for upcoming script writers?


MICHAELS: Screenwriting is presumably the easiest form of writing, but if you don’t know the basics and formats, you’d fail woefully at it. So, I advise you to first learn the basics and the formatting. Chill with the making money part first. It comes, eventually. I started screenwriting in 2014, but I sold my first script in 2019. And within this period, I never stopped writing, reading and researching on the profession. Develop yourself. Be good at what you do. And also study the industry you are writing for. Know what the directors need, the genre that sells more and write them within reasonable budget. Nothing is more discouraging than writing a story that scares directors because of the high budget. Finally, keep writing.

MMM: Thanks for inspiring us today with your story.

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