Why you should create content with purpose

What does it mean to have a content purpose?

We keep hearing about creating content to achieve a particular purpose but what does that even mean?

Before you decided to create content to share with your audience, you definitely had something in mind.

You  probably wanted to connect with them
Or engage with them.

Or get them to sign up for your offers.

Even better, get them to know, like and trust your brand.

These thoughts can be used to drive your content so that at the end of the day, you get to achieve your content purpose.

Your content’s aim can further be put into specifics, that is broken down into goals and then targets.

So, that you know that when you hit your set target you will be achieving a content goal.

Sounds nice right?

Also, you want to be crystal clear what it is you want out of your content so you can track your performance and know how well you have performed over time.



Your content should offer something worth it to your audience.

It should educate, entertain or inspire them to act in a certain way.

This is when you can beat your chest to say you have added value to them with your content.

To offer something of value means I have  done my research as to what my audience considers to be valuable.

Example, A mom looking for skincare products for her baby will find a piece of content that guides her through to picking the right skin care product for her baby and even offering her where to get them, valuable.

Value is in the eyes of the consumer.

This is the reason it’s necessary to project the value your audience seeks in your content.

The visuals and text in your content should all work towards showcasing the value for your target audience.



Imagine this as a flow chart where one thing flows into another.

Purpose > Value proposition for audience > Goal

You start with content purpose then flow into understanding what your audience wants and then find a way to merge this so you can both attain your goals (you and your ideal audience)

If you help your ideal clients achieve their goals with your content that will be tantamount to you also achieving your goals for your content, right?

If the comments you get from a post after educating your audience on how to address their problems sound like ‘wow! I learnt a lot from this! Thank you’ or ‘I gained clarity to tackle this by reading your content’

then, you can proceed to asking them what exactly they’ve gained so you can drill down to specifics and help them better.

Haven understood this flow, there are three basic reasons you may have for creating content for your brand:

1. To create awareness
2. To educate
3. To inspire them to take action

Others can be to gain more engagements, more sales etc but let’s focus on these basic three.

The third point seems more powerful.

But Let’s still talk about the key takeaways  of each reason.



Brand awareness mean your audience recognizes your brand and connects better with your offerings.

So, that when you even want to introduce new products or services it will be easy for you to do so seamlessly.

With the strong reputation you have built with creating awareness for your brand it can triple customer loyalty.

In the ebook, easy steps to creating content like a pro, more aspects of creating brand awareness  were explored.

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Educating your audience makes them to be in tune with the benefits your product and services offers, thereby building trust.

No wonder it’s easier to win the confidence of your targets if they can refer to your lessons on a subject in your content.

Educating your audience via videos, webinars and articles can help boost your credibility in their eyes.

It also grooms a well informed audience.

Using your step by step guides, explainer videos and practical tutorials around your products or services you can turn your audience to loyal brand advocates.



Why is it important to inspire your audience to take a certain action?

If your audience does not take action in form of likes, comments, D.Ms or Buying then what’s the whole point of your content?

Inspiring them is a way of speaking to their minds and convincing them with tangible reasons why they should act immediately.

Imagine how you felt after being inspired by your favourite post.

Imagine the clear prompt and push your had that made you leave a comment, sign up or pay for that course.

This is what inspiring your audience to act can do for you.

You can inspire your audience when you provide them with a strong reason.

Take note of the words, strong reason because that’s how they can get the push to act immediately.

You can decide to speed up their action with Call to actions showing urgency or limited time /spots available but what’s important is you get them inspired to act in a certain way.

Verifiable facts, your stories or even proofs like Testimonials can also inspire your audience once they are relatable.



After understanding the benefits of creating content with purpose and also the importance of inspiring, educating and creating awareness with your content, will you just fold your arms and do nothing? Definitely not!

You need to map out your content bearing this purpose in mind and structure your content to achieve all three basic goals: Awareness, Inspiration and Education.

The content creation ebook will equip you with solid information on how to create content with purpose and educate you on the types of content to create for all three categories.

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Let me know in the comments section ways you’ve been creating purposeful content for your audience.

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