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I love your script, my boss also loved it. Thanks MMM.
Philip Watson
I never knew the impact story telling can have on my career until I took the class. MakingMondayMild is a game changer
I was able to add value to my career with one of your online classes, totally worth it!!
Ehizuelen Sandra

The story Telling Experience

An easy-to-digest guide to to story telling from the inside out.


Wives of the South- Episode 1

Otonye, a coco brown lady, young and gorgeous, sits idly at the elegant dining table, starring at the busy street through her thick glass slide door of their magnificent duplex. She is

Wives of the South - Episode 2

The law proceedings are ongoing in the Appeal Court room. While sitting slightly above the court clerk, the female judge’s eyes shuttle between the legal files of the Case and the quiet and expectant audience awaiting hearing.

Wives of the South - Episode 3

Ese enters into her cosy small office with her face expressionless. As she sinks into her swivel chair, her eyes settle on the first draft of her book - Rivers of Justice. She picks it up and smiles while flipping through its typed pages. She raises the book close to her nose and sniffs in the crisp smell of the white pages.