According to annhandely quality content means content that is packed with clear utility and is brimming with inspiration and it has relentless EMPATHY  for the audience.

Let’s dissect the key words in this quote so you can embrace it better;
Packed, Clear, Utility, Brimming with Inspiration, relentless empathy, audience.

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Filled with a large number or large quantity of something.
E.g packed with goodness



To eliminate ambiguity, doubt from (a matter) or to clarify a point.



Utility spells out content that has practical relevance or beneficial use. A post doesn’t have to be filled with motivational quotes to be useful.

Utility is what your users or clients benefit from it. The lessons, insights or tips that actually help them solve a PROBLEM or meet a need.🤷‍♀️


Brimming with Inspiration


It means quality content inspires a kind of action, pattern or behaviour. It conjures something in your audience.


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Relentless Empathy


Relentless means unyielding, steady and persistent whereas Empathy depicts the capacity to understand another person’s point of view or the result of such understanding. By relentless it means your content needs to promote a key message, consistently and this message needs to empathise with your audience pleasure or pain points.



It’s personalized for them. You have a well defined audience, just like a well defined eyebrow when you make up. It’s clear cut, you’re not second guessing who your clients are.

Quality content is assembled like an army or a good team. You bring the parts together and each performs its distinct function.

Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.” – @MarketingProfs


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Check out ways you can create content consistently without blinking.

  • Research trending topics in your   NICHE or industry.


You can get this on platforms like quora, answer the public etc. Once you have a list of frequently asked questions in your niche, then you can head over to the next stage.


  • Maintain a Content Calendar

Imagine you have content planned out for the whole month. What a better way to boost your morale for the month  plus it’s not hard to create one.

I have a note book where I write down the dates of the month and what I want to post. Yours can be as detailed as what type of post it would be ie video, reel, carousel, screenshots etc


  • Have a Swipe File


This is a file or bank for already stored up write ups you’ve collected. This can serve as place you’ll run to for inspiration. Also, Keep a list of content ideas that occur to you when you’re  READING and researching. Don’t try to rely on your memory.

You’ll be able to hit the ground running when you have a list ready to review.



Here’s another list that you can create. Think about ways to repurpose content you’ve done in the past. You may not be able to create all the content at the same time, but you will be glad you can refer to that list when you don’t have a good IDEA ready and waiting.


  • Create long-form and short-form content using the same topic.


If you’re sure you have a winning idea, create two versions of the post, one short and one long, and see which does better. The shorter one would serve readers with shorter span whereas the longer one would serve for those readers that want more information on your topic.


  • Use emotions in your content.


Create both a positive vs a negative spin on the topic. Then ask readers which one they agree with and get more views.


Save these ideas for content creation:

This or That

Make use of it and let your followers make choices.

Favourite Something

Share a favourite something or ask questions on favourite somethings for your audience.


 Fill in the blank spaces


This is a fun way to get engagement. Create a content by starting a sentence and asking your followers to complete it is still a fun way to engage with them.


If you could


Beginning with this phrase and asking the right question that your audience would be interested in can spur your audience to respond appropriately.


 Before meets After


Who does want to see a transformation?

 We all Crave to see the aftermath of a process. So, if your product can do this, create a content (Photo vs Video) that showcases this.



Behind the scenes


You can show a sneak peek of what happens behind the scenes of CREATING your product or delivering your service.


Throwback posts


You can always do a throwback to posts you did in the past that had high engagements.


 Share Reviews


Share a story of a customer’s REVIEW or other reviews of your business and use it to inspire more reviews.


 Frequently Asked questions


Research a frequently asked question in your industry and create content round it.

Which content idea do you use frequently?

Fave, just ensure you post your content at times when most of your audience can be found online.

Also, Keep posting and engaging with others in your niche.

Consistency, they say is the recipe for visibility.

Do you agree?


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