If you’re creating content consistently and no one is seeing it,  with time you may get burned out.

You already know what burnout looks like: going days on end feeling angry with yourself, or being just confused that you’re losing your spark. Terrible right?

See, If you can’t get your target audience’s attention, you really can’t do anything.

So, here’s how to be visible to your ideal audience:

1. Collaborate or Partner with other brands

It’s good to collaborate with other writers in your niche and offer to guest blog on their platform. This can position you to reach more readers. Also, you can give referrals for other businesses in your niche not doing exactly what you’re doing and request same from them.

2. Repurpose your content to suit different audiences and platforms where your audience can be found.

Repurposing means revamping your content.

Do you know that you can create fresh contents from the ones you’ve already written?

You can tweak the caption to suit different buyer personas. A good content should be able to repurposed at least 10 times if not more.

You can also change the form. Let’s say you did a normal blog post, try doing a video, or series, or email list or Ebook around it. The list is endless

3. Use the relevant keywords for your niche and structure your content to reflect that.

Research keywords frequently used in your niche and use them strategically to ring in the minds of your audience.

4. Engage on social media.

Yes engage with accounts in your niche and where your targets HANGOUT.

Most businesses get leads from social media into their websites so let social media be like a lead magnet for you to get clients too.

5. Use a unique brand name and a succinct bio that describe what you do also stating your niche

6. Use influencers to promote your brand content too. Repost their content, connect with them and look for ways to do posts on their topics so they can possibly share yours too since it’s in their line of interest.

7. Use tags or hashtags when you post on social media

These add context to your content. The relevant hashtags will make your reading visible. You’ll need to use more geo hashtags ie the ones reflecting your location plus your niche and community. E.g #nigerianwriterscommunity or the one closest to you e.g #abujawriters .

Also, turn on your location on your posts so you can be found.

Caution: Don’t just post photos without Captions, Call to actions or hashtags. It’s called content dumping.

8. Be smart and open to new trends and tech. This can’t be over done. You need to automate stuff. You also need tools to help you track and monitor your progress.

9. Give free seminars, ebooks etc. This places you in the heart of your audience. Also, Teaching your audience about how to use your product provides a guide for them.

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