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As a divinely inspired relationship writer, Olagunju has perfected the ingredients that should go into making an exquisitely calibrated relationship in his debut book
Nurturing Healthy Relationships.
It centres on relationships that enhances Godly intimacy and connection on virtually all levels for both parties. The exact one that brings the desired peace as preordained by God from the outset before the fall of man.
When the principles of this book are picked up and applied ; The result is overflowing Joy and Success in the relationship.
The author, works in line with divine directives and channels what he has received to weaving concepts and story themes around it.
So this is what he has to say to us today on relationships.

Who is the writer – Olagunju Olarotimi.


I am Olagunju Olarotimi, a security analyst, team leader at Get Approved Publishers and convener of Drive Nigeria, a brand dedicated to the transformation of Nigeria people.

Why relationships?

I did not start out writing about relationships. I love taking biblical stories and seeking out best ways to apply them. But recently a friend called my attention, that I seem to talk a great deal about relationships and then I began my writings on this area with the Holy Spirit being my ultimate guide.
I often have a deep impression in my mind about certain relationship issues. There are days I just can’t seem to sleep because the revelation keeps pouring.
So I must say God really works in mysterious ways and does work wonders in our lives.

On your debut book ‘Nurturing Healthy Relationships’.

Nurturing Healthy Relationship describes the communicative and attitudinal aspect of relationship. It centres on the need to learn how to behave and communicate your mind in a relationship.

Why do readers need this information?

The devil seeks to crash humanity to pieces trickling through channels of broken relationships.
Misinformation or sheer ignorance of this has accounted for the high rate of broken marriages, divorce and many committing suicide. Whatever you are not informed about, you cannot solve.
The true meaning of love, sex and relationship needs to be understood by this new generation, So they can defeat this evil mandate and take their lives and relationships to the next level and have a better standing with God and themselves.

Any last words?

To everyone, first I’ll say, get my book. There’s more in there that you’ll need to see for yourself. You would have more to evangelise to the world when you are fully equipped with it’s insights.
To aspiring relationship writers, criticism is normal and the fact that you write on relationship does not mean you are perfect or immune but be sure to be ready to walk the talk.
To those in challenging relationships, get this straight, Relationship will challenge all you ever know and the essence of challenges is to be better so face it with courage.

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Olagunju Olarotimi.
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