CONTENT purpose is what your content wants to achieve.


Do you want to:

• Entertain or Educate?

• Be Funny or Promote lifestyle?

• Inspire or create Awareness ?


Your content should promote one at a time to be more powerful.


Entertaining posts will mix and match fun facts, funny quotes, memes, quizzes, eye catchy photos and other interactive forms to drive engagement.


To create awareness, funnel posts that take your audience on a journey is needed.


When it comes to producing content that educates, you’ll need to understand the questions your audience is asking as well as conducting a detailed content gap analysis against competitors. You’ll have to create ebooks, webinars, presentations etc around your brand.


Creating content with purpose connects you and your potential customer – the one who wants information relating to the products or services you offer.


Always, define your content’s purpose so you won’t shoot missiles that don’t hit your target.



Creating CONTENT has the following benefits:

  • Increases audience connection and retentions
  •  Betters social media traction
  •  Establishes trust with your audience
  •  Generates leads
  • Improves conversions
  •  Enhances SEO efforts
  •  Builds authority.

You know the question I want to ask, right?

Why are you not taking this content game seriously?


Do it right now.

See creative ways to begin:

1. Use a Compelling CTA ie Call to Action
2. Share a Personal story
3. Interesting Fact e.g Did you know that…
4. Captivating Statement
5. Instruction/suggestion
6. Invitation e.g Check out these ways…
7. Quote from favourite creator
8. Case studies from popular site.


love, coffe, cup




The key to using the relevant CTA ie Call to Action lies at the root of your message.

Call to action (ie CTA) is usually the concluding sentence in your post that prompts your audience to take action.

Constantly, Ask, ‘Why your post?’ ie What will it do for your audience?

No wonder, good Call to actions align with Captions.

If you want to get information using a form, the appropriate CTA can be Fill this form below to help us identify your needs better.

If it’s for a site visit, it can be vist this link for more information or click link or see link etc

This doesn’t deter you from being creative with your CTA. You can use numbers too e.g on a scale of 1 – 10 how would you rate your content skills or See this link for Content templates for 30 days of the week.

Some CTA’S perform better than others due to the perception of the audience. E.g people are more inclined to download now as opposed to sign up now. Similarly, ‘Get started now’ from stats outshines only just ‘Get started’ because a sense of urgency has been infused in it.

It’s best to experiment with CTA’S to see which one drives more actions for your content.


couple, romantic, together



Sharing a story opens doors for emotional connections between you and your audience. It makes them to see you for who you are. Everyone loves a story and when it’s relatable the bond is profound.

It’s every content creator’s dream to win audience over with content and humans are moved by emotions. A simple story sharing how a character(with similar pain or pleasure points with your audience) overcomes or fulfils a set need can hook the audience and cause them to be empathetic.

In addition, Stories are memorable. In the words of maya Angelou,
“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel”.




Google interesting facts around your content. This is an attention grabber any day. It’s research proven that interesting facts can lay the foundation for content and offer it a structure. Whether it’s a stat or quote, it’s verifiable and so earns trust.

When you use facts, ensure you tailor them to meet reader’s needs because readers prefer content that is interesting and custom-made for them. Custom content are personalized communication in the form of blogs, articles, newsletters, etc.





These are statements that hound deep into what the audience is currently facing. Remember that what will work for one audience won’t be the same with another.

So, it’s key to understand what captivates your audience. A captivating statement, pulls the reader by the collar and holds them to take action or respond in a certain way.

The key to winning with captivating statements is understanding your target audience needs and how to harness them with emotionally appealing words.

What captivates your audience can be:

1. Instruction/suggestion
2. Invitation e.g Check out these ways…
3. Quote from favourite creator
4. Case studies from popular site.

Instructions or suggestions are more direct forms to tackle issues confronting your audience.

A quote from a favourite creator would gain traction because of it’s relevant context to the topic of your content. This should be applied with care.

Case studies from popular sites are good references that are also reliable and trustworthy.


Which is your best way for beginning your content?


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