I was excited when Glory Abah consented to having this interview.

She’s one of the WRITERS of our time that have left remarkable footprints in the creative WRITING  space in Nigeria.

She’s a creative writing coach, author and book lover.


She fixes the writers puzzle with swag and opines that writers can turn their potentials into a remarkable reality.

In this interview, she shares more about her motivation behind the writing of her contemporary romantic fiction- Husband Hunting 101- which topped the list of books on okada books.


She also shares a peek into her amazing writer’s world. The one that gets her reeling amazing stories on big platforms like BellaNaija.

Read all of it and get a feel of what it’s like to be on top of your game as a writer.


First, let’s know who you are.

I am Glory Abah, a writer, a writing coach, an editor and a publishing consultant. The biggest thing to note about me is that I am a reader. I am always reading and can never be caught without a current read. I love the fictional world. I also love spaghetti (and ogbono soup).

How would you categorize your book, Husband Hunting 101; is it a contemporary romance, young adult fic romance, romantic suspense or all three?


It is a contemporary romantic comedy.


What specific events led to writing your book Husband Hunting 101?


I planned to write another book entirely but I was just not enjoying the process.

So I started writing another story by the side just for enjoyment.

If you have read Husband Hunting 101, you will notice that I used very simple English and everyday slangs almost everywhere.

This is because it was a fun project and I didn’t ever think I would publish it.

What was your motivation for creating the main character as a tomboy?


I would have been a tomboy in another life and this inspired Omasilechi being a tomboy. Plus, I wanted a girl that just did not care about the things that girls usually would. I think society has made it seem like all single girls are desperate.

I just wanted to show society that not every single girl is desperate or even looking for marriage.

There is nothing wrong with a girl seeking for a home, but not everybody is.


The theme of the book specifically addresses the societal pressure on singles to get married, do you mind telling us a little more about what can be done to curb this menace? And if you’ve been in a similar situation, please share how you tackled it to help us.


I think we have to end the dangerous belief that it is only women that get desperate for marriage. Before writing this book, I spoke with many of my single male friends.

Most of them were seriously searching for a wife.

Somehow, society makes it look like its only women that seek for marriage actively.

No, I have never been pressured by anyone. My relationship life has been quite unusual and one of the good side effect is that it has not allowed me to be pressured.

Your book further highlights a bit of feminism, can you share your views on the man-hating feminist issue and what is the way forward from it?

I don’t see feminism as women hating men. I think that is quite wrong. Yes, there are extremists who may embrace feminism because of pain or trauma.


The truth is that if you look into society, you will see many women been marginalized and mistreated simply because they are women.

This can make some people become bitter. I see feminism as a call for equal treatment and equal access to opportunities for men and women.


Share a brief story of your authors journey, how you started, why and lessons learnt?

I don’t really have an authors journey. I always wanted to write and after my pastor asked me to put my stories on social media to measure public acceptance, I created a Facebook group and started posting my short stories. I got a lot of positive reviews and somehow, I moved into writing novellas and full-length novels.

So far, the journey has been great. I have several traditionally published books and some self-published books.

The lesson I have learned is this; information.

If you want to be a writer, arm yourself with information. Know how to write, where and when to publish, find your genre, find the best opportunities for you out there.

There is so much information out there but many new writers don’’t take the time out to seek it. As a result, they suffer and they burn out.


You’ve read close to 27 books in one year, tell us which book made the most Impact on you and why? Also suggest books you believe we must see.

books, bookstore, book

Correction, I have read 200+ books yearly for two years now. I read mostly romance because I love love stories. I can’t pick just one book.

What I will however give you is the names of authors whose books have impacted me greatly.

Julie Garwood
Catherine Coulter (Historical romance)
Eloisa James
Sophie Kinsella
Meg Cabot
Susan Elizabeth Phillips


As a creative writing coach, author and writer, it may get stressful keeping up atimes, what do you do to maintain work-life balance?



I have realised that its very easy to burn-out and that’s why I always make out time to just relax and chill.

Thankfully, the hobbies that help me relax and chill are also related to my chosen profession.

I read books or watch movies/series to relax. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I pray, I watch a funny series or a movie. This always refreshes my mind.

What values or life philosophies drive you?

I believe that everybody is full of potential and capacity.


I am driven by a need to fulfil my God-given purpose and ensuring that my potential is not wasted. Honestly, the thought of wasting potential scares me.


Share some of your wins with us e.g awards you’ve won or huge connections you’ve encountered on your author’s journey.

My first publishing deal was a win for me because getting a traditional publishing deal is not so easy in Nigeria, and my publishing company is actually in the UK.
I’ve also been on some bestselling lists, both international and national.

I have been interviewed by some newspapers, blogs and written for Bellanaija severally.


What is the Nigerian romance authors/writers market like currently and what do you think it would look like in the next five to ten years?

The market is quite big right now and it keeps getting bigger. More and more writers crop up in this genre every day and as a result, more and more readers also crop up. This is great.

However, it means that writers will have to write better if they want to remain relevant.

In the next five years, I expect to see internationally recognised Nigerian romance writers and a more stable market for publishing.


What advice do you have for aspiring nigerian romance authors? What things should they look out for before vying this path?

They should get armed with the proper information.

Don’t just sit and write becaiuse you think you can. Get a mentor, get your book reviewed before you publish. Make your stories memorable.

Romance is a predictable genre, meaning that its easy to bore readers. How will yours be unique?


Finally, how can readers reach out to you and read your book?


phone, mobile, telephone

All my books are available on all digital platforms like Amazon kindle, bambooks and okadabooks. Hard copies of my books are also available. This is a simple link to get my books.


Thanks for reading.


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