Did some thing just pass by us with air plane speed?


Yes! Something did!

And It’s the ‘National Poetry Month’

Get ready to alight safely as we’ve gotten to the jolly end!

How was your poetic flight by the way?

All the way here, we kept up with our poetry prompts to inspire you.

Our final prompt here is on poetic dialogues.

Sounds like fun, right?

Yes it is!

Poems can be fun when you try writing with another poet.

Yes! Collab with another poet and write one poem stanza, and keep writing alternate stanzas till your muse signals you to end it.


A dialogue poem is a poem composed of a conversation between two fictitious speakers, each of whom expresses a different viewpoint


The coming together of two different perspectives often generates conflict or tension in a dialogue poem.

This tension even though the theme isn’t controversial, would still make the reader wonder how the speakers will resolve their differences.

Also, it can be beautiful looking at different angles of a poem in one piece and that’s what poetic dialogues affords you.

So , what are you waiting for?

End your poetry month in style trying out poetic dialogues.


Blissful Thursday!


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