Happy Monday!

Sit, Sip a drink and See how this style stuff works.

Let’s assess why it is important and which group your WritingĀ falls into.

Maybe, you’ve been flattered by the way most of your favourite writers, write.

Maybe what’s going through your mind is,

‘Gosh, this writer’s style is so bam, how do they work this out without sweating?’

We want to give you the lens, so you can get a clearer picture, on what your bam writer may be doing.

For starters, once your WRITING reads like what you’re reading now, more like having a decent conversation, you can conclude that yours is a conversational style.

However, if you WRITE to convince us otherwise, you’ll be poking at the persuasive style of writing.

What if you go about burying your message in a story?

That will amount to a narrative style.

Give yourself a high five now if you’re following through.

Okay, you may ditch all these and just settle for describing what you think about your subject using concrete details.

You’ve already guessed the name for this kind of style you just used, right? It is simply descriptive.

How many styles have we listed already:





You can see now what your favourite writer does. It could be they are mixing them up. There’s no writing rule that would sanction them for doing so.

You may even be doing same thing but you haven’t really paid attention to it.

The categories we’ve listed are like the skeleton of what every writers style may be.

Now a skeletal structure would need something to pad it up to make it more fleshy.

This is where syntax, figures of speech, tone etc adds up to the skeleton of each style we’ve just listed.

Did you get it?

Let us know in the comments.




We wish you have a great week ahead!

Ensure you stay motivated.

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