Been a while we made this list and so here we are. Here are a few novels or books we suggest for the week:

1. An Orchestra of Minorities by Chigozie Obioma


This novel captures the tale of a poor chicken farmer’s story as an epic. The novel aches with Chinonso – the main CHARACTER – who is a poor chicken farmer and his quest for love and life.

It begins with a reflection from Chinonso’s chi, or guardian spirit, which narrates the  STORY  and refers to the farmer as his “host.” The being watches over Chinonso as his journey unfolds, and advocates to celestial judges on his behalf when the farmer transgresses.

The  BOOK  is a page turner filled with lots of suspense and twists. It is also spiced with a little of humour and REALISM.

2. Love at first sound by Amaka Azie.


With a little bit of ROMANCE  from our favourite romance author, we present to you this heartwarming novel.

It’s a striking story about a CHARACTER who doesn’t consent to societal pressures to fit into a mold and who can sweep you off your feet. Visit @loveafricapress for this story.

3. Dear Future husband by Tomi Adesina


Enter the LIVES of three young ladies, Kimberly Bankole, Ini Obong, and Tola Matthews as they live through each DAY and find love in the midst of chaos.

You would find most of Tomi’s novels at https://tomiadesina.wordpress.com/ebooks/

4. Beloved by Toni Morrison


Toni Morrison published book in 1987, Beloved, and is said to be based on a true story of Margaret Garner, a runaway slave after the Civil War. This novel is for our readers who love to be more exposed to real, raw WRITING with poetic undertones.

5. Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz


This book is readily available for download as pdf on google. If you wish to delve into the fiction version of COVID-19  pandemic world, then this book can lead you through.

Please help us add to the list.

Much love



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