THE WRITER’S DIET – Eating healthy vs writing.


Considering COVID-19 , eating healthy is currently high priority.

We remember the bible story of the four Hebrew friends? Yes those four smart guys – Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abed–nego.

We don’t want to overflog how they discarded the option of eating sumptuous meat for natural veggies.

The goal was to achieve robust looking bodies and smarter minds to tackle issues within the king’s courts.
So, pick your path.
Writing smarter, crafting captivating  CHARACTERs and possessing a robust collection of words or phrases which are original and unique to us will cost us something.
Whether we decide to go with the cliches or craft ours, one path would still outshine the other.

While we quarantine, there are new story ideas to explore, unique themes to weave and phrases to couch.

There are new skills to acquire and old ones to fine tune.

We can decide to FOCUS on healthy veggies and disregard regular meat. We can decide to spend more time with practising and developing ourselves. Our sacrifices would eventually pay out.

Healthy snacking suggestions can be quite a nut cracker. Feeding our cravings while we write may be what we need to do but with health considerations.
The Coffee, tea, chocolate may be our regular , but there are other options to explore.

@chiom_ah , an astute content writer, gave us some snacking suggestions:

1. Drinks 🍧Locally made kunu drink

You can choose to use powdered milk or liquid milk. Boil then after thick consistency is achieved, sweeten with slices of banana.
The process is summarized as this:

Put milk in a pot and bring to a boil. Add in cinnamon and ginger powder. Stir. Mix corn flour and cold water to make a paste. Add into the milk and keep stiring. (You should have a runny thick kind of consistency. Don’t over cook it else it will be too thick and turn to tuwo lol). Turn of heat and add in your banana slices. Sweeten with honey or sugar. 🍧Dalgona Coffee
💥 Put one tablespoon and a half of coffee and two tablespoons of sugar in a cup
💥Add small water and whisk/mix till a thick consistency is achieved then add your milk and Viola! 🍧 Smoothie
You can go for your favourite fruit smoothie. Be creative. 🍧Cashewnut drink
Soak cashew nuts over night. Blend till it’s smooth then add cocoa powder and serve chilled.
2. Fruits and Nuts

Try 💥Peanut butter and apple slices. 💥Coconut chips 💥Fruits and Fibre flakes in place of the normal flakes.

Do you have any more to add, you can share with us.

In a nutshelWe should feed our minds with richer and healthier narratives. Get in tune with our spiritual side. Exercise both physically and mentally. Mind our diet. Emphasise hygiene practices and reconnect with our Maker, till this plague is past.

And don’t forget, you can share your thoughts here too, let’s know what we’ve gained during this period, whether it’s a new skill, a new story prompt or an old revamped writing STYLE 

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