Try Sonnet.

There’s this thrill you get from reading the lines from your favourite poet or writer.

It’s so grand.

More like grandiose.

Victorian, if you like.

Okay, Let legendary Wills (William Shakespeare) guide you to trying out a Sonnet.

Skim through his poems that we’ve put up here.


It’s no news that he framed his sonnets to seat well, even in his stories,e.g Romeo and Juliet.

There! The excitement comes again. 🙊🙊😉
Another epic story.

Anyway, once you’re done looking at the poems, see if you can try something.

Then, if you wish to write something on Isolation, @poemifypub are accepting submissions.



And if you’ve been trying out your #apoemaday for the #NationalPoetrymonth
Then, you can get your poem featured in our Poetry month compilations.

How about that?

Comment and let us know what you think of sonnets.

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