Wives of the South – Episode 1

Otonye, a coco brown lady, young and gorgeous, sits idly at the elegant dining table, starring at the busy street through her thick glass slide door of their magnificent duplex. She is preoccupied with the thoughts of the previous weeks. While the sound of a dozen cars zooming off, tearing down the road only to hit heavy traffic at the major junction,lingers.

She hears the screaming that is hers and recalls how she lifts her hands as protective covering against Obong’s hard blows.

“But did they even refrain him?” She sighs, getting up from where she is sitting and goes back into the main parlour.

She hears the doorbell ring.
‘That must be Nkeni’ she concludes and bends to pick up her phone from the parlour’s centre table. She breezes past the Bar where her husband spoils himself and also drinks to stupor. This is after he has hit at her and left her cursing him while she’s wailing on the bathroom floor.

She opens the door with a wide smile flashing her side dimples.
Nkeni exclaims as she sights her
“The madam, the madam” comes her hailing in her thick voice that can pass for a male.

Otonye admires Nkeni’s fully round face and chubby cheeks that is well accentuated with her flip side short razor cut weave and smiles,
“Keni Baby, how far?”

She watches as Nkeni moves her chubby fair body inside the gorgeous parlour, starring round at the gigantic peach curtains and white walls bearing beautiful art paintings at strategic corners. Nkeni claps as she faces her.

“Thank God you didn’t have those your…” She takes her thumb and first finger and shapes it like a phone over her ears, “… You are speaking with the Future CEO, Brittle consultant firm bla bla bla.”

Otonye rolls her eyes.
“Oh here we go again. Let’s just go. Ese  would be meeting us up shay? I have been calling her yet no response.”

Nkeni nods
“Yea I pray she meets us up!” turns to face the door while Otonye dresses her curly weaves once more and they both exit the house.

Get to read Episode two in next post here.


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