Sarah just got her book published. Hurray!

The book writing journey has been a tortuous one and she is now thinking about pitching. She’s also heard of cold pitching.

What do you think she has to do before cold pitching?

Ok, if this scenario is similar to yours here’s what you have to consider before cold pitching:

  • Be friendly.
  • Strive to connect.
  • Blow the benefits

There are various ways to reach out to new audiences, clients or potential partners.

Cold pitching is one of them.

Cold pitching involves making contact with prospects who know nothing about your services.

I think this post on  PITCHING AT WRITERS EVENTS here relates to this too.

Say you want to pitch a book, story idea or anything related writing to someone.


Be Friendly.


You’ll have to be friendly.

How to sound friendly doesn’t have to be rocket science. You’re human and so is the other person. Invite them into your world on a friendly note.

You can begin like this,

‘Hello I’m <insert your name>… ‘

Invite the person.

‘ and you are…’

‘Nice smile you have on…’

This would apply for a physical setting.

For a direct messaging setting where you can’t possible have physical contact, you skip to the next which is how to connect.


Strive to Connect.


‘I help people write better… ‘
‘I host strategic sessions to ….’

You are looking for areas where you can step in to offer assistance or provide a service. You must have done your research properly.

Maybe you’re even following the person or organisation, you would have to highlight things about them too that you find engaging and then pitch further how you can help them promote this.

All these come with clarity. You have to know who your book is for and what problems it would solve.

If you’ve not done that yet then you’ll have to pause and go complete your homework in that area before you proceed.


Blow the Benefits.


Once you’ve been able to connect you can now highlight the benefits the prospect stands to gain. A win-win situation for both parties.

Yes, this is the extended version the striving to connect part.

If you believe these points will get you anywhere, then share your thoughts.

Better still, share your views if would you ever make an attempt at cold pitching or not.


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