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When writing has become a routine, then a SPACE and time for it shouldn’t be ignored.

Your WRITING space is like your sanctuary. It should be uncluttered, inspire your creativity and provide for privacy.

Every serious writer must have this space.

This is a place dedicated to your WRITING  routine.

Most WRITERS write from the comforts of their living rooms.

Others, need a work station, a standard table and chair setting.

Notable writers like Maya Angelou rented rooms in hotels and get them cleared off any distraction.

The television set, more importantly so she’s able to write something.

If you’re thinking about having your own writers work space.

Let these clues guide you:


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1. Aim for a clear workspace.

Now imagine what your work space will be like. A sleek computer on a desk.

Some fancy notebooks and pen. Oh! Your bank account jolts you back to reality­čĄö.

Decluttering should guide you.

You cannot write in a crowded space for sure so aim for a clear workspace.

Clearing up only requires energy not much of your finance. Strive to make a clean and clear desk for your writing.


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2. Infuse stuff that inspire you.

Photos on the wall. Art paintings, what?
Catchy glossy Magazine pages decorating the wall.

The background counts. Ok, your chair too shouldn’t make you sink in it or make you opt for massages.

Previous BOOKS or novels can be neatly stacked on your table for inspiration too.


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3. Provide for Privacy

You will need tons of time alone. Less noise, good soft appealing music you can soak in and a nice coffee or tea.

Each time you get into this space, your imaginations should go gaga.

So it’s either you pick a place where you can control entry and exit or you rent one.

But if you can’t rent one like the big writers do, then try using this space in the early hours of the morning or late at night.

If this happens to be a corner of your room, then pick a time when you’re going to be having privacy.

Your writing space should be uncluttered. It should pull out your creativity and create room for privacy.

Which is what you crave for.

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