Antagonist are definitely the bad guys in the story. When they are mentioned, you begin to puzzle over what they are doing to hinder the progress of the protagonist.

Now, a good storyteller knows how to use antagonists to heighten tension and create conflict in the story.

Also, creating antagonists could really be fun because they could be veiled or unveiled.

Depend on what you choose.

What do I mean?

Okay, some of them are crystal clear ie everyone, even the characters in the story, knows about them.

This happens mostly in crime fiction or sic fiction movies. The writers even may take out time to educate us on how evil they are.

Others could be hiding behind masks. These are the secret traitors. They may be a close relative, spouse or friend to the protagonist.

In some detective stories, where the killers or perpetrators of crimes, have to be uncovered, the antagonists may not be easy to identify.

What is seen is basically the negative outcomes and effects of what the Antagonist is doing, but the Antagonist may still be hidden.

Say in the movie where someone is killing people and the protagonist goes in search of the killer.

The protagonist may not know who the antagonist is or even how to stop him.

He therefore embarks on the journey trying to unravel who the Antagonist is.

So, the tougher or more badass the Antagonist is, the more intense the story will be and the more hooked your readers will be too.

While you are paying attention to the protagonist, remember that the protagonist’s opposition is almost as important as the protagonist, themselves.

As such, you can knot them with similar goals.

To have a good story, there has to be a striking balance between what the protagonist wants and what the antagonist is doing to resist him.

The well storied segments them into the everyday antagonist, the evils, the internal conflicts ongoing in the protagonist mind and even the regular struggles from the protagonist environment.

It can be said that nature, technology and an external/internal factor can all serve as antagonists.

Now, the everyday Antagonist according to the well storied, can create conflict in a number of ways.

This includes

๐Ÿ‘‰Having the same goal as your story’s protagonist (in which only one can succeed)

๐Ÿ‘‰ Discouraging the main character from pursuing a goal they find dangerous irresponsible, creating emotional tension.

๐Ÿ‘‰ Creating physical roadblocks that hinder the protagonist, or otherwise just stirring up trouble.

Take this challenge and delve into ways you can create epic Antagonists that will match your protagonist and bring out the best in them.

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