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This interview centres around being a Christain Fiction writer.
Kaine Robbie, The award winning writer of Munachimso Contest and the brain behind “Crimson”, A Christian website – tells us more about the subject.
He bagged a B.Tech in Geology from the Federal University of Technology Owerri but his fans and family can attest that’s He’s a Guy of many sides – A Freelance Presenter, Content editor, Rapper amongst others creative things.
Below are the questions asked and the responses obtained from the interview.
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Now, here’s the interview in detail.


MMM Interviewer

Why do you write?

Kaine Robbie
To entertain, to bless and to heal. I write to spread the gospel; The Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. It might sound cliche but It’s not. Trust me, I keep having testimonials from my followers. I keep touching souls for Christ with my crimson stories.

MMM Interviewer
What inspired your first published work? (Testimony)

Kaine Robbie
My first published work was inspired by the need for people to see, know and feel the love God.

MMM Interviewer
Where have your works been published? And how many contests have you won lately?

Kaine Robbie
My works have been published on , ,
They will also soon be published on
For contests, I’m the winner of the #MunachimsoMovieExperience all on account of my short stories. I also recently won the Blog Oxygen Website Giveaway. The website is currently under construction and will be up and running very soon.
It will be called “Crimson” and this is where I pour out all the Holy spirit conveys to me in story format. I’m Just counting my blessings and naming them all the way. So you can search up crimson for blood soaked stories woven around the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

MMM Interviewer
When you are freelancing as a presenter, what’s your typical ‘Red carpet look’ like?

Kaine Robbie
Casually Trendy. Well fitted pants and shirt, bracelets and me well groomed beards and Of course my shoes. They’ve just gotta be sleek and peng!
MMM Interviewer
Name one outstanding physical feature you have that seems like your selling point?

Kaine Robbie
They’re two actually, my physique and my beards. I don’t joke with my beard

MMM Interviewer
Tell us more about being an outgoing Christian writer and how it works for you?

Kaine Robbie
Being an outgoing Christian writer is fun! I especially like that -oh so this cute guy is a born again and writes Christian stories kind of look.
As a Christian writer I’m forever looking to turn people’s experiences and testimonies into stories that bless lives.

MMM Interviewer
What has been the best part of your crimson writing journey?

Kaine Robbie
The thrill of not knowing what’s coming next while I’m writing a story is so exciting. You see, I am like my father In heaven. If I feel this much joy when creating stories, I firmly believe he must have felt the same way when he was creating me!

MMM Interviewer
What music/movies/books/websites won’t you mind visiting everyday?

Kaine Robbie
Kung Fu movies, comedies, fantasy movies and cartooooooons
I never tire of listening to Hillsongs and Bethel Music.
C. S Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia,
Jordan Raynor’s Called To Create
J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter

MMM Interviewer
What’s a typical fun day, hangout or writing get-away for you?

Kaine Robbie
A typical fun day for me would either be a day spent sleeping, watching cartoons, or hanging out with my loved ones.

MMM Interviewer
If you were to be in a gathering were you are to address first-time christian writers/authors, what would you advice them?

Kaine Robbie
Don’t buy into the wave that keeps portraying God in the wrong light. He isn’t going to punish you the moment you step out of line as we’ve been made to believe.
How can he who gave his Son for you punish you because you stepped out of line?
Yield to the Holy Spirit perfectly without fear. He’ll bring out something the world has never seen from your writing. You know what?, y’all should listen to “Pieces” by Amanda Cook. It’s a song that perfectly encapsulates God’s love for us.

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Crimson Instagram and Facebook page is up and running. Find and read stories by Kaine Robbie. To mention amongst a lot are his Christian fiction stories, The Healing, The little willy wolf for kids and others.
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