This Easter, let’s review an interview with God together.

While celebrating the risen Christ, it would be worthwhile to reflect more on the significance of his death, burial and resurrection. Ah! Too deep! Ok, let’s wrap our minds around the plot and characters of this gripping movie.


What would you ask, if you were sitting opposite the one and only, mighty God?

This is the position of Paul, the main character in the movie. Our first reaction would be to freak out, doubt it or even think someone is pranking us.


Paul, as an intelligent reporter displayed all these emotions. At that time, He was even going through a rough time in his marriage and though he was on a paid leave at work, he really needed this interview to straighten things up. He wasn’t expecting to be pranked as He already had enough on his mind. Returning from reporting at a war zone in Afghanistan where he encountered dead soliders had already punctured his faith and puzzled him with lots of questions around religion.

So, He embarked on this interview as a professional but also unaware of the reality behind it. In his head, he was going for a normal interview as always but the experience from this interaction shocked him drastically.

The first impression he held was he was going to hit it big with this interview and that’s the reason why he took the lead.




The interview holds in three different locations at about the same time, happening thirty minutes each in a space of three days.

We’ve seen similar interviews happening like this, like in the movie, the encounter, where characters encounter God but the dialogue displayed in this movie is more intense and revealing.

Deep philosophical questions as ‘what is faith or even salvation’ were placed in real life settings. This is very different from when a sermon is been dished out to us on pulpits.

Paul finally confirms that he has been with God at the last meeting, towards the end of the movie.


During one of the dialogues, God presents Salvation as a product to Paul.
Paul admits that salvation, as a product, is excellent but complains that using it, by it’s design would mean consistently having to refer to the manufacturer, for guidance.

The rest of the movie involves Paul talking to his wife, his newspaper boss, and a mistress . We also learn that Paul has been receiving directions to the interview locations by mere inspirations from God. God didn’t text him or mail him to inform him about these venues.


Throughout the storyline, there are creative psychological elements that appear to be building towards a possible plot twist that don’t materialise eventually but still serves as a sort of suspense to keep us watching.

In a wrap,  It is clear that great production and acting effort were put into this movie. Even though the cast was few, each member of the cast understood and played their roles perfectly.

Maybe, we should see the movie if we haven’t done so and share our own thoughts on how it straighten up things for us as regards our faith in christ.

It’s Easter again people and we want to wish us a very triumphant one here.

Happy Easter once again!

Do Have a Blessed week!


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