Hey bibliophiles, we have MIRABELLA PAULCIA PEACH in the HOUSE today!

In case you don’t know, she’s has an untamed habit of collecting books. In fact, there isn’t a week that goes by without some huge pile of books going down her bookish  SPACE  Interestingly, she’s a health practitioner, writer, copywriter, illustrator, CEO @ Mahaneh EL and manager @WordStation. On her Facebook page @mirabella-paulcia peach, She tags herself; ‘The Woman whom the Father Loves’.

How she maintains a voracious appetite for reading despite her tight schedules is what still puzzles us. Here’s our short and sweet  INTERVIEW  with her. Enjoy!


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 What entices you about a book? The book reviews, book cover or book sales figure?

Well, The genre, the author, the book cover and… maybe reviews.


If a book is highly rated yet underpriced what creeps into your mind?

Mirabella: I’ve never considered that, I don’t even look at those things. I hardly get   BOOKS  that are “In vogue” except it was a book I was waiting for.


Would you read a book that’s not recommended?

Mirabella: 90% of the books I read are not recommended.

How do you scout for your books?

(Laughs) Okay, I walk into the shop, if I see an author I like, a genre I’m into or a really good front cover, I pick it up, look through the synopsis behind, the forwards on the inside and then I buy or don’t.

What’s your criteria for assessing if a book is good read?


Apart from the reputation of the author and reviews from people I can rely on, I think one has to read the book to know. I’ve read books that had lots of “good” reviews and hype and I was still disappointed.

Do you have a circle of friends that influence your reading habits?

Nope. Most times I’m the influence.

When and where is your best places to read?

Every time is the best time, but if its books concerning my career, mornings and evenings. I love to read at home or anywhere I’m alone.


Would you prefer T.V or avoiding Social gatherings over a book?

T. V, but then it depends on the social gathering.



Name some of the books currently on your reading list?

I just finished reading Murder, Mayhem and a fine man by Claudia Mair Burney, I’m currently reading A compilation of Sir David Frost’s interviews of Billy Graham. And I’m studying Destined to reign by Joseph Prince.


Which ones are your favourite and why?

I thoroughly enjoyed all. I like the book on Billy Graham because I enjoy interviews and Destined to reign because of the truths I’m being grounded in.



What genre of books do you love but don’t engage in often?

Books on History, books about history. I wish I could read them more.


Rate your reading speed on a scale of 10?

When I’m free, I’d rate myself a 9. And When I’m busy, a 7.


Do you mind sharing some lessons from the last book you just read?

Uh… Deal with your past negative experiences so they don’t spill and spoil your present experiences.


Recommend some books you believe we should see?

Identification by E. W Kenyon, A tiny place called happiness by Bura Bari Nwilo, The diary of a desperate Naija woman by Bola Salt Essien, Speed of sound by Eric Burnet and the greatest salesman by Og Mandino.

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What’s your advice to upcoming bibliophiles?

Just keep on reading. Thanks once again Making Monday Mild.


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