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Hello awesome making monday mild readers. We devled into yet another awesome and creative mind – Cuisel, Who’s works have a captivating and enthralling theme that we find irresistible and we know you’ll enjoy too.

He’ll be telling us more about how he comes up with creative ideas, themes and even more, what his work process is like.

Oftentimes, we miss out on the process that gives birth to the captivating picture, but we would not be missing that today!

Here we are.

Enjoy our offering to you and have an awesome week reading this!


Cuisel we’re glad to have you with us today, Kindly introduce yourself to us a little more.

My name is Cuisel Joshua Peach. I’m an undergraduate. I come from a nuclear family of 3 and an extended family of innumerable relatives. I am Nigerian from Rivers state, particularly an Ikwerre boy from Port Harcourt. I’m a comicbook artist, a color artist/digital artist and a budding design artist.

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What inspires your works. Do you draw from life events or pure imagination?

Not technically, I’m more of an imagination kind of guy. Strictly usually straight from my head, but recently I have been inspired by one or two outside agents.

Do you Prefer to pencil out your comics or produce your arts in ink? Which effect do you always go for or suggest?

I alternate between traditional pencils, inks and digital. The digital is quite faster for me but I still prefer the traditional technique for comicbooks. However, Both effects are still the same.

What does your drawing/work space look like?

I have a moving work  SPACE  So my workspace is mobile but not for long.

My workspace consists of my sketch papers and my pencil and ink set, my laptop and my graphic tablet then also I carry a light pad when Its needed.


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Do you ever feel the impulse to not draw comics or wear out from it?

No, I haven’t. There has been times of lack of inspiration or depression but drawing for comics has always been something I believe I was born to do.

Do you feel at all connected to older illustrators or comic artists, if so name the ones you feel this connection for?

Hmm I’m not sure I am connected to any. I have tried to find that connection but currently I’ve found none I wholly connect to.

When you meet someone new, do you talk about being an artist or graphic designer right away or do you identify yourself as an artist or something else?

Yes I do identify myself as a comicbook artist if I am asked with emphasis on the ‘comicbook’ because sometimes when you just give them ‘artist’ they automatically assign ‘potrait’ and ‘landscape’ to it. Lol.

What is more important to you—style or idea?

Idea. I’m all about idea over STYLE    but there are certain styles I have been particul about over idea

I prefer idea over style.
Even when an art may be done in a style I dont like, I try to look at where the concept of the art spawned from ie the idea behind it and if I can relate to it, I’d give it a good note in my books.

So generally, I wouldn’t care about the style.

But again there are certain styles I am attracted to – Not caring about the idea behind the art; Like the works of Clayton Crain (who combines acrylics painting with digital coloring) and Raul Allen (who has a simple yet abstract art style).

If you wish to decipher my style of art  here is the Link to my work at my Instagram handle.


Is there a particular line quality/tone that you enjoy seeing in your art?

Yes, I like digitally achieved REALISM with colors, not so much with pencils. But when done in certain unorthodox ways, I love it. I cannot also deny that when Simple colors are done in harmony, they leave a soft spot in my heart.

Is there a community of artists important to you?

My prefered community of artists is
The “Nigerian Comic Artist Group” on Facebook.

Then there’s “Artist lounge” which is more of a closed community.

The climate there is serious most times and at other times playful. This helps us stay inspired.

Talk a little about your work process?

Whoops! Well sometimes, it’s impulsive. I’m holding a pencil or a pen or my digitizer and I just go, ‘What’s in my head today?’.

However, I begin with mental preparation which entails that I clear all distractions, scroll through the works of other renowned artists to keep me on the edge, then I kick off – adding touches of this and that and get closer to my end point – which is realism in my art.

What’s the market like for artists/ graphic designers etc in Nigeria?

It’s a hard one, people don’t understand the worth and effort we put into this. Especially as it’s a growing industry, most of us have to keep other jobs.

The major  CHALLENGE is the bad name on Nigerians. That bad notion of who Nigerians are gets in the way, once you mention you’re Nigerian to foreigners.

But successfully the market out there keeps getting better!


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What tools do you love to use the most?

This is a hard question. I love inks and digital.


How much revision/editing do you do in you work?

A lot.

Most of the time, I have my art buddy for an extra pair of eyes before I release the finished work.

A perfect case is a character redesign challenge I entered into.

We were to recreate a popular Nigerian superhero art.

I just had to ask myself, ‘What could I add that would tell more of the story behind the redesign concept?’

I settled for the shrunken heads of other heroes hanging on his attire.

At the end, They got the message – a character gone dark.


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How do you achieve work / life balance?

This is a question I haven’t been able to answer since I started.

As an introvert  , it takes me less effort to meet up to things. I just handle my stuffs seamlessly.


What do you have to say to upcoming artists trailing this path?

Turn that talent into a desirable skill. Practice, practice, practice. Every brush/pencil/ink stroke gets you one step ahead.

Thanks for inspiring us today.

My pleasure


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