You’ve been seeing this a lot lately so it’s natural we discuss this here.

Well, let’s begin with Repurposing then jam it with content.

Repurposing is synonymous with Reusing, Realigning, Repositioning etc you can go on with finding the words that explains this concept better and gets you in the flow.💠

It means you re-assess your purpose for creating a content at first and choose to repeat what you’ve done with a little twist.


Say you shared something on toddlers, ‘Getting your toddler busy while twisting her hair’ This was your initial caption for your content but when you redo this it can read like, Try these steps to get your toddler steady for a hair session.

Content could be in diverse forms, ie videos, texts, screenshots etc but each bears a sub topic of what you’re promoting.


Repurposing Content gives way to twerking one or a mixture of these:

📝Caption [ie title]
📝Call To Action [ie Follow, Like or Comment]
📝Highlighting more Features [ie Texts, Photos, Videos etc]
📝 FOCUS on Just one Feature and Promotiong it [Same as Point 3]


You can rework a content when you feel:

💠 There’s more to say about it that you didn’t highlight at first. You’re digging further into the topic ie narrowing down.
💠There are new trends in this area to add to your content.
💠Your knowledge has grown or there is a reason to branch out from this into another similar area.
💠You observe that there’s something still relevant about that content ie an evergreen element, if so, why not revamp?


Repurposing content is a fun way to create something new from old stuff.

Comment if you need more suggestions on how to do this for your content or give your own suggestions if you’re doing this already💃

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