Exactly about this same day and time, Last week, NICHE WRITING popped up here.

But, this week is for tackling KEYWORDS behind the Content you write, for your NICHE

 What are Key Words?

KEY WORDS are the main words that explain the message you intend to pass to your readers.

If you have your readers in mind while writing, then KEYWORDS can be a bridge that your readers will use to get to your Writing or Article, online.

It means when they use that KEYWORD , Google can direct them to your article or site where the Content you’ve prepared for them, is served.

What more should you know about KEY WORDS?

@whatshanwrote will say Your WORDS are Your SALES TEAM.

KEY WORDS need to be optimised so you get the best out of them.

This is where SEO ie search engine optimisation wiggles in.

How should you CHOOSE your WORDS?

Google is your friend. You’ll be able to find one or two apps that helps you out on picking the right words for your niche.

Our business here is to INTRODUCE you to them and You can explore the direction you want to dance to.

Please, Help us Count how many times we repeated, ‘KEY WORD’ in this post.

Safely, it’s not more than 30.😂😂

The FINAL Tip to note.

Don’t repeat the words you’ve chosen for more than 30 times.

This can come off as boring 💤



Happy Writing 💃💃

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