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How does Niche writing come across to you?


Yes or No, should a writer have a niche?

And is it Okay to have more than one niche or area of speciality?

Niche WRITING  entails a FOCUS  on one or more areas and creating content (ie articles,  videos,  images ,infographics etc) around that area.

You should have heard of stuffs like, wellness coach, health writer, food writer etc. A WRITER can settle for these niches.


Answering the question of how to find your  niche is a common feature for freelancers in the game.

Some folks will acclaim they didn’t need to have a niche when they started out. They took on any job that came to them as a writer  not minding about CATEGORIZING WRITING and over time their natural niche appeared.

Truth is you already have a niche but you don’t realise it.

Say you have a flair for talking about a certain subject let’s say Sports.

You follow up every aspect of the league, from behind the scenes,  coaches, players, trends etc.

Choosing a niche around sporting events will come as a natural to you.  But do you have to end there?



How does writing about a Niche help?

It affords you a sole area of focus.  That way, your thoughts are geared to a particular area and with time the speciality comes knocking.


The beautiful aspect to this is constantly writing about a single angle will make you delve deeper.

Your eyes become open to the gaps that exist. And as you continue to study and research about this SPACE, and you begin to observe patterns and even predict them.


You’ll notice yourself grow.


From novice to pro.  The mastery wields in and you become a sought after guru.

Now, won’t you want that for yourself?

Alright, Let’s examine other puzzling facts that may cross your mind.


Let’s say you have an acumen for sports.

Sports is a pretty wide area don’t you think?

It’s like a vast ocean so you’ll still need guidance to choose which area you’ll love to talk about.


You can now ask yourself questions like?


Which particular gaps exist in my field?


How do I close those gaps?


Let’s say there are the players and coach writers already,  you can choose to concentrate on the bigger leagues or the smaller leagues and thereby you’ll begin to narrow down to what’s characteristic of them and even proffer solutions in that section.

I’m not so much of a sports fan but I can tell once you’ve done your FINDING in an area that interests you and come up with unique solutions on how to tackle any PROBLEM in these parts, you won’t be far from reaping the benefits this niche has to offer.

So far, so good educate us on what you believe niche WRITING  means to you and i it has helped you in anyway.


Have you found one or are you on the journey to choosing one?

Lend your voice to this topic in the comments.

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