We believe that we are writers and as writers we have assess to vast wealth of knowledge stored up in us hence, people can benefit massively from our independent and even random write ups.


From our writings, lives can be built or torn down. Stories or writings still offer a solid form of communicating hopes, ideas, visions or even passing down some established values and norms. It is therefore crucial that you honour those writing passions of yours.
Here’s how to approach your writing passions better,

what angles are you passionate about? Travelling? Cooking? Etc

What then are you doing to HONOUR those WRITING PASSIONS? Here’s what you can do to honour your writing passions.

1. Self Evaluation – You can do a stock taking of how you’ve been paying attention to your writing interests. These writing interests must fall into a particular genre, if so what genre? Here’s why you need this self evaluation to check if you’ve done considerably well in bringing your writing up to your genre requirements. Even if it’s not entirely, but with your work done so far, you can bodly categorize your writing into a renowned genre.

2. The Structure of your writing – How you encapsulate your ideas into your writing also counts. Is there a definite structure you strive to follow ir you rely more on freestyling? Knowing how you document your thoughts in beautifully creative ways is also a thing to look out for.

3. Writing Routine – Do you stick to a strict writing routine or you wait around till inspiration hits you? What’s the intuition behind your preferred routine? If your case is the latter then you need to constantly re-assess to keep your writing passion.

4. What writing means to you? – Your perception of what your writing can do goes a long way in
determining how you view your writing.

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