Few weeks ago, a sis was telling me about being skilled in moi-moi-ery.

Funny now but it’s the inspiration for this post. Scratch that. We’re are not talking moi-moi today, read the Caption again.

It’s definitely not moi-moi talk.

Fave, does your post wield fast fingers sharing or high-rate conversations?

At shortscollaborative shared on their platform the kinds of posts that gets shared and the kinds that get conversations. Their advice suggests there’s a way to tailor content to get shares or chats.

If you want more shares, then go for posts with great conversation starters whereas if you want more comments and saves then, go for posts with action triggers.

Conversation starters like,

  • How to begin writing
  • The Art of creating great blogs

Vs Action triggers like,

  •  Free B2B Writing Ideas
  •  Reusable Sales Content Slides

These can help you get more shares, saves plus engagement (ie likes or comments)

Just follow through and pick your path.



You can share tips in form of:



Research says a list does better than most types of post. So, create a list of ideals vs non ideals, your clients should note ie listing your points in bullets form.




Collapse important information into an easy-to-digest format using infographics. Infographics is an image that helps to present relevant data in an easy to grasp and visually appealing way.


Responding to a FAQ


Reply the why to a trending Frequently asked question in your niche. E.g why you don’t get your butter cream cakes right, why your hair frontals don’t seat properly etc

Telling a story around

This entails using characters who possess the problems you want to address to share a tip or tips with your audience.


Other forms of sharing can also entail using:

  • Comparing and Contrasting ie Using the This or That method. This method puts ideals side by side non ideals and brings clarity for the topic of what’s been referenced. It basically makes it easy for your audience to see the benefits of what you’re showing to them clearly.
  • Describing ie Painting a clear picture or citing a good scenario that relates with the quest of your clients. Painting a good scenario helps your audience relate better with your tips as they see the reality besides what you’re saying.
  • Drawing a Decision or option Tree that’s relatable to how your audience feels concerning the subject ie think like your audience. E.g is your audience seeking quality over quantity? What questions are ongoing in their minds concerning your service or product? This can be an effective guide for them.
  • Doing a podcast. If possible to appeal to your listeners. Podcasts will never get out of fashion. The reason some brands intentionally sponsor podcasts so they get featured in them.
  • Doing a tutorial video explaining the benefits of your product or service to them. Tutorial videos are still trendy any time.
  •  Creating an Ebook and sharing or selling to your audience. Ebooks are awesome ways you get to share valuable information with your audience.
  • Sharing tips on live interviews, classes or webinars. The connection is amazing.
  • Using quotes from authorities in your niche and tailoring them to what you are offering.

When sharing tips and tricks it’s best to understand the form that best works for your audience.

The list of 10 can do the magic for you but try to also incorporate different types of content when sharing your tips.

Are you still thinking about sharing tips with your audience?


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