With the extended period of lockdown
Here are suggestions we have for you
to ensure you stay afloat.


Breathe – Yes, you really need to calm those worrying nerves. The numbers of covid cases are rising… Breath. What if it gets to my area… Breath. What am I going to be doing during lockdown… Just Breathe. No funds anymore… Still Breathe.


Pray often – Desperate times call for desperate measures. The lockdown season is the best time to get more intimate with your maker. Who knows the inspiration that can get to you when you give your spiritual angle more life. How about good ideas that may hit you when you pour out your worries and feel lighter.


Read something Inspiring- Read that motivational book you bought and never had time to open. How about forcing yourself to do a few bible passages. You need lots of positivity to jog with, remember. How about reading our posts on inspiring writers journeys. You know the boost that comes with reading other people’s stories, how about immersing in that.

Call that friend- An enriching conversation can be a call away. Get on the phone while you still can and say Hello from the other side. Lol. Keep in touch. You really need it.

Ensure you,
Contribute to communities online- When last where you active in your online group. Talking about online communities, our making Monday Mild online community can be a great platform to begin with. You can share your short stories, poems, motivational write ups etc with us and get feedback.

Hanging out online. There are lots of online activities that would enrich you. If we happen to have one here on making Monday Mild, we’ll love you to participate too.

Comment on this post. Fishes are dying, top people aren’t spare too, just hit us with your comments. You can talk to us. How can we serve you better than we’re doing now? Which writers would you want us to interview? Which books can we review together, which of our services would you be needing? Scriptwriting? Storytelling training? Book coaching? Ghostwriting? Which?

And if you’re looking for a place to connect with other writers, get insights on writing and writing tips for all your writing problems, @makingmondaymild is the place to be.

We engage other writers personal experience to educate and teach you about writing.

And if you’re looking for a place where you can connect with other writers and readers,you can proceed to join our making Monday mild community by clicking this link,


We hope this helps you stay afloat during this period of lockdown.

Don’t forget to stay safe.



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