Wives of the South – Episode 2

The law proceedings are ongoing in the Appeal Court room.
While sitting slightly above the court clerk, the female judge’s eyes shuttle between the legal files of the Case and the quiet and expectant audience awaiting hearing.

Ese  leans in on the witness box in a sleek black skirt and sparkling white shirt. A tall, slender and smart young lady. Her silky black weave sweeping her shirt from behind her while she strives to maintain the needed eye contact with the lady witness in the witness box.

Ese  paces a little away from her and now back towards her.
“So Mrs Ibekwe would you love to tell this honourable court your reasons for holding back custody of the kids from my client, Mr Ibekwe, who is their rightful father and your husband”

Mrs Ibekwe nods.
She’s a mature fashionable fair lady. Her ostentatious bangles and costume neck pieces complement her pretty cream free-fitting tunic.
“It’s for the best interest of my children. He comes back reeking of alcohol every night and he beats me.” Mrs Ibekwe confesses and breaks down in tears.
Ese  rolls her eyes slightly.
“On how many occasions has this happened?”
Mrs Ibekwe covers her face partly with her white handkerchief still sobbing.
“Many times” she replies sliding her weave behind her ears.
Ese  glances briefly at her client, Mr ibekwe whose look of despair is evident on his bushy brow and slightly wrinkling facial muscles.
“Can you show this court any physical injury my client has inflicted on you?”
She turns back to Mrs ibekwe.
Mrs Ibekwe is stunned.
“What do you mean?”
Her big eyes fill with shock.
Ese  paces around the witness box and smiles.
“Yes, any fresh bruises?” Ese  questions throwing a stern glance at her.
Mrs Ibekwe declares
“All the bruises are gone but I stand before this court and tell the truth!”
Ese  faces the judge and bows.
“My Lord, that would be all for now!”
She bows again and goes to her seat.

After court proceedings.
Mr Ibekwe meets up with Ese  as she walks down the stairs.
“Thank you so much, Barrister Ese . I’ll be crediting your account, immediately.”
Ese  smiles and extends a professional hand shake.
“I’ll do my best so you get to keep your kids. She can elope with her lover if she likes.”
Mr Ibekwe returns the handshake and nods when they part hands
“She wants to reel me off my wealth.”
“Sure but She won’t realize what she has until she loses it! Mr Ibekwe, See you in court next week!”
They exchange handshakes again and part ways.

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