Wives Of The South – Episode 3

Ese  enters into her cosy small office with her face expressionless. As she sinks into her swivel chair, her eyes settle on the first draft of her book – Rivers of Justice. She picks it up and smiles while flipping through its typed pages. She raises the book close to her nose and sniffs in the crisp smell of the white pages. The sudden buzz from her phone causes her to drop the manuscript with a thud on the table. It’s a call from her husband, Elebe.
Ese  in a high pitched happy voice responds
“Hello darling”
Elebe’s voice returns hers in a stern tone
“ Ese , I called to tell you I would be travelling to Dubai today, in fact in a few minutes.”
Ese  stops swirling in her swivel chair. Her  voice cracks.
“Ebi, when where you going to tell me?”
“Ese  I just did!”
Ese  roars
“You had this all planned out and you never mentioned it to me?”
“It just came up. See I didn’t call you to…”
He takes in a deep breath.
“I called you to inform you, Ese . Take care of you and Maxwell!”
“What of when he asks of his father?” Ese  questions in a faint voice that almost sounds like a whisper.
“Just tell him what I told you.” Elebe stamps.
“Ebi, tomorrow is our anniversary, and my birthday. You could just…”
“I shouldn’t answer work duties because of our anniversary. See I’ll make it up to you once I get back. Love you.”
Ese  replies slowly.
“Love you too.”
The lines go off and she slowly drops her phone on her table.  Tears drift slowly down her soft angular cheeks. An abrupt knock on the door causes her to pause. The door flings open before she could even say, ‘jack’. She dives under her table while she’s wiping her eyes, quickly.
Bamidele a huge handsome coffee brown man, in crisp inner white shirt and black corporate suit bolts in. His nice-manly perfume overwhelms the room.
“Ese , what are you looking for?” His firm manly voice bears some concern in it.
“My purse! I think it must have fallen” Ese  struggles to speak in a clearer voice.
Bamidele’s big eyes widen as his eyes sight the soft leathery purse resting on the table.
“Your purse! You’re sure you are searching for your purse?”
Ese  rushes her words
Bamidele shakes his head and grips her purse on the table.
“Ok dear, when you’re done searching for your purse let me know.”
He then slides her purse to her on the floor where she’s kneeling and heads for the door.
Ese  closes her eyes tight. She has been caught but has to pretend.
She flashes a confident smile and turns in his direction.
“Oh! Thank you!”
Ese  picks it up and wipes her eyes. Her eyes meet his suspicious gaze.
“You’re not welcome. I’ll be calling you for lunch make sure you are ready!”
“Oh gosh!” Ese  exclaims as he closes the door.
Bamidele abruptly slides in again
“By the way, your performance at court was impressive”
Ese  yells
Bamidele laughs.
“Point of correction, Bami Love. I want to hear you call me that more often”
Ese  smiles.
“ Bami Love”
Bamidele nods
“Now you come”
Ese  couldn’t help but laugh as he exits her office.

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