In beautiful memory of John pepper CLARK,  you can read further about books published in his name.

Books By JOHN pepper CLARK;

A Reed in the Tide (Longmans, 1965),

Which showcases poems that focus on the Clark’s indigenous African background and his travel experience in America and other places.



Poems 1966–68 (USA: Africana Publishing Corporation, 1970), which illustrates the horrendous events of the Nigeria-Biafra war.

Ozidi (1966)

An epic drama of the Ijaw sect.


The Boat (1981),

A prose drama that documents Ngbilebiri history


The wives revolt (1991)

Which tells the story of a Niger Delta community that received a payout from an oil firm drilling in its land. It turns out that the money eventually stokes the flame of revolution in the town. The money is to be shared in three places — elders, men and women.

These books all herald John pepper Clark’s, literary contributions to nigerian and african literature.

Which have you read?


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