Before you start out with creating content, here’s what you need to consider:

  • Content Plan – Ask yourself if you want to inspire, educate, build rapport or create excitement.
  • Content Type – Decide if you’ll need clear screenshots, quotes, videos, word or pictures to create your impressions or impact.
  • Content Body – After completing part one and two above ie the purpose and way you intend to communicate, you can now fill in the body.

The body can be,

✒ Sharing tips or tricks
✒ Telling a story
✒Sharing a review
✒Responding to a frequently asked question
✒Showing an activity or activities

In the words of O.A blanchard, CONTENT is an EMPTY VESSEL until you fill it with meaning.

Content therefore means different things in diverse contexts.

Content can equal the following:

Content = Information
Content = Experience
Content = Nothing Specific

Always Ask yourself, Why your content, whenever you want to push out one.


Tending to the question of Who, What, Where, Why and How.

When it comes to NICHE WRITING, having an area of interest is usually the first on the list.

A little paying attention to detail can help you discover this.

An area of strength can be a pointer to your NICHE or a support system for your niche.

Have you identified an area of interest already? The next stage will be to break it down so it gets outlined.

E.g if you enjoy marketing products?
What kind of products do you love to market? This may not include marketing puppies

As you make your list, don’t forget to add context to it.

The work of adding context gives it purpose and purpose answers the question of Who, What, Where, Why and How.

  • Who are you writing for or serving?
  • What are their needs? (E.g what will satisfy them or solve their problems)
  • Where are they likely to be found? (Online or offline? At the market place, library or social hangouts?)
  • Why will they care about your message? (Because you (fill it up with your offer))
  • How would you meet them? (Which Channel or medium is appropriate to use)



If you’re a newbie with content creation for your page, then you’ll have to avoid these:

Mistake #1 :You’re making a mistake if you’re waiting for inspiration to hit before you create content for your page.

Google trending topics around your niche on quora, answer the public etc. Don’t wait for inspiration to hit. Be on the look out for interesting triggers from comments on your posts or posts in your niche.

Mistake #2: Not being consistent with content creation. Consistency helps. Practice makes perfect. Keep at it. Find affirmations or stuffs to help you stay consistent.

Mistake #3: Not having a content theme, plan or strategy. This is a huge pitfall for most persons. Define what you want to address in your posts. Have a place where you store your content ideas even if they’re not yet developed.




Good content is not storytelling. It’s telling your story well.” – @MarketingProfs

Your content has to be readable, Fave. You may ask, ‘What makes it readable?’

Ascertain if the language of your content is highlighting your message in a beautiful way.

Get to watch out for:



It can be difficult to add flair to your content when you need to be conscious of your word choice.
But, you can still add some creativity in many ways outside of the text on the page.

Use eye-catching designs, layouts, images or infographics that captivates your reader.



If you Identify the language of your audience, you will be able to flow better with them. Your audience have their own rhythm and flow so tap into your audience flow with your content. E.g Kids love wonder and adventure, telling them stories filled with wonder will definitely sweep them off their feet. They love rhymes too so connecting a few rhyming words can ease their day.



Being as concise as possible not only improves your content but creates clarity. You don’t sound confusing to your readers. They perfectly understand what you’re saying because you considered their views and reactions when creating content for them. You’re addressing beauty bloggers and sounding scholarly, how does that help?

You definitely don’t have to sound scholarly to educate. Your content doesn’t have to read like ordinary classroom notes to deliver your content message.



The basic elements of any content are:

1. The Caption (The title that captures what the content is about )
2. The Hook (The line that attracts the reader)
3. The Experience (The body)
4. The steps (The exercises to try)
5. The visuals (Photo, illustrations, video etc to further explain your content)
6. The Call to Action (To invite others to share and benefit from the content)

The content you share on your page should do any or all of the following:

📝 Use the appropriate Caption.
📝 Use the relevant Call to action.
📝 Communicate in your brand voice using words, pictures or videos.
📝 Be consistent in delivery of your brand message ie tell us about what you do.
📝 Should speak to your audience ie connect them to you.
📝 Should read in your audience language.
📝 Should be engaging.
📝 Should be credible.
📝 Should be available at the right time.
📝 Should be up to date.

Now, here’s the summary of every point above👆

A Caption is a summary of your entire content. It tells from a glance, what your content is all about. So research your caption to include relevant #keywords your audience will be searching.

Your CTA (Call to Action) should follow suit. It should encourage your readers to take a certain action. E.g of CTA is Comment if this post was helpful.

When you communicate in your brand voice, it ties your content to your overall brand vision ie your words deliver your brand message.

Consistency in voice has to do with reinforcing your message in different ways ie giving your followers more angles to what you do. You are letting them share in multiple ways, what you have to offer. Remember, there are several ways to kill a bird so explore angles around what you are doing.

You speak to your audience in their language. You begin with words your readers are accustomed to e.g Hey sis, Hello Fave, Hey Creatives, Dear writer, Where my hair lovers art etc

Make it relevant to your readers to spur engagement. To achieve this, the information you share has to be credible, current and made available at the right time. The right time can be when most of your followers are available or online. Check your page insights to access this information.

It’s easy to rate a content that delivers quality if you check the list above.





You should rate your Content for being accessible and accurate or appropriate for your audience.

Check out these points and For Each section, score yourself from 1 – 5.

Total it over 10 at the end your scoring.




For Accessibility

  • Is it properly structured with headlines, subheads, captions that depict your message?
  • Are you addressing your audience at their level of expertise? Ie Is your content language appropriate?
  • Are you covering the right topics? And in sufficient detail?
  • Have you assigned the right CTA ie Call to Action or does your CTA reflect your Caption?
  •  Are you using the right tags, hashtags, keywords etc?

For Accuracy and consistency

  • Have you removed all spelling, grammar and punctuation mistakes?
  • Is your content up-to-date?
  • Are your visuals consistent with your brand?
  • Have you double-checked all the facts that you mention?
  • Are you making your content available at the right time and right place?


Share your Score now in the comment section.

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