Inspiration hits at different times which poses the question of, ‘how do you collect your thoughts in one place?’


Organisation, paying attention to detail etc these should be the hallmarks of a good writer.

But most of us struggle with getting organised.


Organised, in terms of writing.

How do you FOCUS on one thought?

If you just realised how sloppy you are as a writer.

What drew your attention to this?

How come you don’t pay attention to detail?

Why do you struggle with getting organised?

How does getting a plan of activities help you as writer?📝


Do you need tools to help you get organised, if yes then which tools do you need?✍

Remember, Inspiration can hit you any time.

You can use digital tools, like an app on your smartphone, or you can buy a small notebook that fits in your pocket.💻👩‍💻

Also, declutter your desk or writing SPACE .

How do you organise your time, thoughts and writings?

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