In a Casual Restaurant. Sparse customers on the wooden seats having their pick for the afternoon.

Rita and Adian sit comfortably with plates of chicken and chips each. Dark beauties in their early 20’s.

Adian the pettie figure whereas Rita  is chubby and taller. They are wearing their salon T-Shirts, Hair_By_Zil on sleek denim trousers. Rita’s hair isin deep natural hair folds whereas Adian wears a patted weave.

‘Wo! This ketchup and chips tastes good! Rita thanks for this!’ Adian licks her lips.

‘Me I’m enjoying the chicken’ Rita grubs the chicken.

They both stop dead when they sight a lady in pretty pink walk into the restuarant and pass by them. They look at themselves now and look back at her while she looks for a nice place to seat.

‘I love the locks of her weave!’ Rita whispers.

‘Oh No! It’s the brunette shade that is gorgeous!’ Adian commends

‘What is this we’re even carrying on our heads sef?  This is the real deal!’ Rita drops her chicken and holds her head, ‘Damn!’ She bites her finger and exhales.

Adian’s face goes sour, ‘Don’t just annoy me! I bought this fine straight, Original closure on my weave for 15k!’ Adian pouts, discontented.


‘How much do you think she bought hers? Please let’s do and go back to our salon. At least we have the whole day to dream about the deep locks of this brunette!Waiter!’ Rita beckons on the waiter to pack up their food while she wipes her hands with the serviette.

Adian frowns, ‘I don’t blame you at all. In your mind you’ve rubbished my fine closure! Like your natural hair is the dopest!’

Rita winks at her and laughs.

‘Someone cannot play with you’

Adian sighs and looks away.

Once they receive their packs from the waiter, they stand up and begin walking to the exit still arguing about the brunette.

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